Our Platform

Schoollink helps to optimize the working day for employees in schools and kindergartens

With digital communication between the school and home, important messages will never be lost.

For Employees

  • Check-in / Check-out feature for child attendance
  • Instantly register feeding, sleeping, and bathroom events
  • Push notify guardians on who's picking up the child
  • Replenishment of handkerchiefs, diapers etc
  • Easily report daily events and activities for each individual child

For Guardians

  • Send Messages and Absence notifications to the Daycare
  • Register call logs
  • Access on weekly/monthly plan and activity overview" to "Access weekly/monthly reports on activities occurred at the Daycare
  • Receive notifications on what time and who picked up the child from daycare

Easy and Safe to use


The system is built with a focus on security and meets all of the requirements for the safe storage of personal and sensitive information


Both the website and mobile applications are designed with usability in mind, no prior knowledge is required to use the system


Guardian(s) and Administrators log in with two - way authorization


SchoolLink offers around the clock support services through our contact us form
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